Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641)

JVDPPP continually publishes its research on panel paintings related to Anthony Van Dyck, as well as translations of important out of copyright articles and texts. Listed below are the documents related to the artists, the articles JVDPPP published on Van Dyck and the recent panels the project examined.

Panels related to Van Dyck

Listed below is a selection of the most recently examined panels related to Anthony Van Dyck. All panels related to Anthony Van Dyck and the accompanying dendrochronological and archival data are available in the Summary Catalogue of Anthony Van Dyck.

148 x 107.3 cm
National Gallery
Charles I
Charles I
74.3 x 59.4 cm
National Trust
Dunham Massey
Study of a Head
Study of a Head
46.5 x 36.5 cm
Musée de Picardie
The Five Children of Charles I
The Five Children of Charles I
60.1 x 49.1 cm
Woburn Abbey Collection

Archival research

This section includes archival research on the key moments of Anthony Van Dyck’s life and the panel paintings he made. For example, the baptism records and the notarial will of the artist are included as well as a ‘Saint George’ by Van Dyck that is mentioned in the inventory of Rubens. All documents are scanned, partially transcribed and translated into English. Documents are sorted chronologically from earliest to latest.

Articles and texts

To make Van Dyck research as accessible as possible, JVDPPP is publishing English translations of important out of copyright articles and texts, or in-copyright articles with the author’s permission, for the first time, as well as its own new research and findings.