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Marquess of Hamilton to the Earl of Arundel re pass for Van Dyck (13 September 1640)

Letters relating to Thomas Howard Earl of Arundel and Surrey: The Duke of Hamilton writes from York to the Earl of Arundel, enclosing a pass for Van Dyck, and discusses some boats that he has commissioned.

Place and date
York 13-09-1640

Archive Reference
British Library BM Add MS 1570

Transcribed by James Innes-Mulraine

Publication history

Extract published by:

  • William Hookham Carpenter Pictorial Notices consisting of a Memoir of Anthony Van Dyck James Carpenter, London 1844, p 42
  • Francis C Springell Connoisseur and diplomat: the Earl of Arundel’s embassy to Germany in 1636 as recounted in William Crowne’s diary London 1963 p. 223

Referred to by:

  • Susan J. Barnes, Nora De Poorter, Oliver Millar, Horst Vey Van Dyck: A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings Yale University Press 2003, apprendix chronology sub 1640

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MS 15970r

My Nobill Lord

your Lordship will be pleased to cause send this inclosed paper pase to Sir Antony Vandyck, & againe, I crave your Lordships pardone for my not sending of itt sooner..-

as for the boaotes(2)[1], your Lo mentiones, if you have any use of them, the admeral must be spooke to, for thoes thatt I caused make, wantes oares, masts and sales, but there are divers other bootes of the same bignes that lyeth at Detford, redy fitted with all thing nesisaire; yett if your Lo think to use anie of thoes I bespook as they are your Lordshop may be pleased to comand, one Michell who meade them, to bring them whither you shall apoint, for he knoweth where they ar.

So wishing you Lordship health, and hapines I rest your Lordships most humble Servant


Yorke The 13 September 1640


[1] Interlined Lord Hamilton notes the number of boats in brackets.


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MS 15970v

For the right Honourable
the Earl of Arundell
Earl Marshall of

The Marquess of Hamilton
to my Lord Marshall
from Yorke 13 September 1640