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Orders signed for but not paid, £600 to Van Dyck (29 April 1637)


Archbishop Laud and Archbishop Juxon’s miscellaneous Treasury Books: Orders signed for but not payd, including £600 owed to Van Dyck,; instruction from William London one of the Tellers of the Receipt to Sir Robert Pye Auditor of the Exchequer dated 29th April 1637.

Place, date
Westminster, 29-4-1637

Archival reference
The National Archives, Kew T 56/4 f.2

Transcribed by James Innes-Mulraine

Publication history

Excerpt published in:

  • Susan J. Barnes, Nora De Poorter, Oliver Millar, Horst Vey Van Dyck: A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings Yale University Press 2003, chronology 29th April 1637.

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Folio 2

Orders signed but not payd

Mr Sheffield for his howse___________180 –
Ordnance______________________1940 –
Marquis Hamilton________________684 –
Lord of Senbier__________________600 but halfe yet
Sir Francis Godolphin for Silley_______636 –
Lewis Richards__________________100 –
Sir Charles Harbord for Sages Cour_____200 –
Cofferer________________________3000 –
Privy Purse______________________700 –
Sir Henry Sailman_________________300 –
Sir Anthony Vandike________________600 –
Sir John Borougher_________________200 –
Willis___________________________300 –
Queenes Priests and Pencion___________1200 –
Bushy parke______________________200 –


Sir Robert Pye/
I have sent into the Exchequer this morning £20,000.
Praie therefore lett these summs or so manye  of them as are yet unpayed (for which you have alreadie orders) be first satisfied And among these the[1] late Agent at venice hath an order for £400

vicesimo novo Aprilis[2] 1637                                                                          Guilelmus[3] London


[1] Interlin.

[2] Translated ‘29th April 1637’

[3] Trans. ‘William’

This transcription includes translations