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New causeway and stairs at Van Dyck’s house (17 April 1635)


Works and Buildings, Surveyors’ and Paymasters’ Declared Accounts 1st October 1634 – 30th September 1635: Account of the works to build a new causeway and stairs at Van Dyck’s house in Blackfriars to enable the King to arrive by barge to view paintings in June and July 1635, work done by Richard Duckworth and Stephen Crayer, Sawyers, and John Sweat, Carpenter

Place, date
Westminster, 17-4-1635

Archival reference
The National Archives, Kew E 351/3268

Transcribed by James Innes-Mulraine

Publication history

Previously untranscribed in full

Excerpt published in:

  • Susan J. Barnes, Nora De Poorter, Oliver Millar, Horst Vey Van Dyck: A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings Yale University Press 2003, apprendix chronology 17th April 1635

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Alsoe allowed to the said Accomptante for money by him yssued and paid for woorkes and Reparations donne and performed within the tyme of this Accompte at the Blackfryere in making a new Cawseyway and a new paire of Staires for the Kings Majestie to Land to goe to Sir Anthony Vandikes house there to see his Paintings in the moneths of June and July 1635 videlicet[1] for 43lb of spikes at 16 shillings and one penny Provicions oute of the Stoare at Scotland yard yssued in theis woorkes and before Charged at 118 shillings and eight pence. In all £6, 14 shillings and ninepence Carriages by Land and water of sondry of the said Provicions six shillings and sixpence To Richard Duckworth and Stephen Crayer Sawyers for Cutting 1,350 foote of Tymber into Stanthings at 2 shillings and sixpence the hundredth 33 shillings and ninepence. And to John Sweate Carpenter for sharping and driving piles of Tymber three foote long the peice in two rankes 150 foot in length each ranke and fitting and spiking plancks to those Piles to make a Cawseway  ten foot broad all theaforesaid length and filling it upp with Gravel for a Barge to Lande at as alsoe making and putting upp a new paire of Staires to Land upp into the Garden there and removing of Shores on the oute side of the wharfe the which troubled the passage and tying of the wharfe in with Landties the King finding Tymber sawing and Ironworke and hee only workemanshipp and Gravell allowed by agreement for all the premisses £11 In all the said Chardges of the workes and Repairacions donne uppon the Cawsey and wharfe at the Blackefrryers aforesaid As by one Particuler Paybooke and thereof subscribed by the Officers and Cheife Clarke of the woorkes hereupon duely perused cast tried examined
and remayning doth and may appeare the summe of £20

Left Margin
A new Cawseway at the Blackfriere


[1]  Translated As you may see

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