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£100 for special service (22 February 1621)


Exchequer of Receipts, Order Books 1620 – 1621: Order to pay Van Dyck £100 for special service to King James, dated 22nd February 1621, signed by the Chancellor Fulke Greville Lord Brooke, and Henry Mandeville. The nature of this service remains uncertain, but it has been convincingly argued by Fiorenza Rangoni[1] that this service related to the secret negotations for the marriage of the Prince of Wales to the Infanta Maria Anna of Spain.

Date, place
Westminster, 22 -2-1621

Archival reference
National Archives, Kew E 403/2740 f.63

Transcribed by James Innes-Mulraine


[1] Fiorerenza Rangoni Anthony Van Dyck and George Gage in Rome Burlington Magazine January 2018 CLX pp 4 – 9

Publication history

Partial transcription published in:

  • William Hookham Carpenter Pictorial Notices consisting of a Memoir of Sir Anthony   Van Dyck James Carpenter, London 1844, p 9

Extract published by:

  • Susan J. Barnes, Nora De Poorter, Oliver Millar, Horst Vey Van Dyck: A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings Yale University Press 2003, chronology 17th February 1621

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Folio 63

Jovis vicesimo secondo[1] February 1620

By Order dated decimo septimo Februarii[2] 1620 To Anthony Vandike the somme of One Hundred pounds by way of reward for speciall service by him performed for his Majestie without Accompt inprest or other charge to be sett uppon him for the same or for anie part thereof per breve generale datum sexto novembris[3] 1608

Henry Mandeville  Fulke Greville


[1] Translated Thursday 22nd

[2]Trans. 17th February

[3] Trans. 6th November


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