Anthony van Dyck in London: Newly Discovered Documents

For an artist who is so famous, comparatively little is known from archival sources about Anthony van Dyck’s life and studio in London. Newly discovered documents reveal George Geldorp and Remigius van Leemput as two related Flemings and fellow free masters with Van Dyck in the Antwerp Guild of St Luke who should be considered his core collaborators in the city. Other documents throw stark light on Van Dyck’s financial losses in the last years of his life.

By Justin Davies and James Innes-Mulraine. Published in The Burlington Magazine ( in March 2022.

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How to cite: Davies, Justin; Innes-Mulraine, James “Anthony van Dyck in London: newly discovered documents” in The Burlington Magzine, vol. 164, no. 1428  (March 2022), pp. 254-259.

Detail of Anne, Countess of Middlesex, by the studio of Anthony van Dyck. c.1636. Oil on canvas, 217 by 131 cm. (National Trust, Knole, on loan from the Trustees of the Sackville Estate)