21 April 2020

Over 75 newly examined panels added to the JVDPPP website

The JVDPPP website has been greatly expanded with 78 new panels that have been examined by the project team over the past year. The paintings are in public and private collections in Western Europe and the USA. They range from the well known to the previously unpublished. All these new additions bring the total of examined panels available on the website to 250!

Additional images
Some of the new panels are now accompanied by dendrochronological information and additional images showing the panel’s reverse, the panel maker’s and/or Guild marks, and images of paintings and prints related to the panel. For example, The Holy Family with Dancing Angels (Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum, Aachen) has additional images of its reverse, the panel maker’s mark of Michiel Claessens, and an image of The Rest on the Flight into Egypt in the State Hermitage Museum for which this panel served as a sketch.

Additional images are available with some new panels

This type of information will be included on all the panels by the end of the project. By doing so the JVDPPP will be openly publishing its research results and creating a new open access resource for a wide audience.

Click here to browse the panels.

Dennis Driessen

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