25 May 2020

JVDPPP publishes important article on the young Jordaens: ‘The Early Work of Jacob Jordaens by Ludwig Burchard’

The JVDPPP has published a translated and updated version of an important article on the young Jordaens by the distinguished art historian Ludwig Burchard. Originally published in German in 1928, this article was the first on the formative years of Jacques Jordaens after Paul Buschmann and Max Rooses laid the foundations of modern Jordaens research two decades earlier.

It is a testament to Burchard’s connoisseurship that all studies on the young Jordaens that have followed this important 1928 article have complemented rather than corrected Burchard’s groundbreaking scholarship. It is with great pleasure that we have translated the article from the original German in order to make it accessible for the widest possible audience.

The JVDPPP updated Burchard’s article by incorporating 29 colour images of the paintings mentioned in the text. The original article – which is now also available for reference – contained only nine black and white images. At the same time, we have traced all the paintings and their locations in 2020, nearly 100 years later.

Burchard’s ‘The Early Work of Jacob Jordaens’ follows ‘The Early Work of Van Dyck’ by Gustav Glück as the fourth important out-of-print article which has been updated and re-published by the JVDPPP. Previously, the project also published ‘The Antwerp panel-makers and their marks‘ by Jan Van Damme (1990) and ‘History of the Antwerp School of Painting‘ by F. Jos Van den Branden (1883).

Click here to see the updated ‘The Early Work of Jacob Jordaens’.

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