09 November 2020

JVDPPP looks forward to publications in 2021!

JVDPPP has exciting news. Besides, it would be too dull to dwell on the disruptions to the project’s activities caused by COVID-19. Art historians have fared much worse in the past. This previously unpublished letter from the Jordaens and Van Dyck scholar Leo Van Puyvelde, also the Director of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium, to W. G. Constable in 1942 is a moving example. We include it here by kind permission of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, where we read it in the curatorial files last year.

Leo Van Puyvelde to W. G. Constable (1942) click to enlarge

Leo Van Puyvelde to W. G. Constable (1942) click to enlarge

We look forward with huge enthusiasm to 2021. Previously difficult to access articles by distinguished art historians will continue to be published on the website in transcribed and translated form, including a raft of articles by German scholars on Van Dyck between 1905 and 1933, Roger d’Hulst’s ‘Jacob Jordaens. Schets van een chronologie zijner werken onstan vóór 1618’ (1953), Horst Vey’s ‘Anton van Dycks Ölskizzen’ (1956), and J. G. van Gelder’s ‘Anthonie Van Dyck in Holland in de Zeventiende Eeuw’ (1959). Other important articles are in the pipeline.

We are very grateful to all those who have written to us commenting on the usefulness of making these still relevant articles accessible and translating them into English, transferring the previously black and white images to colour and adding the images referenced in the articles but not illustrated in the original version. We were delighted to receive a letter from Gustav Gluck‘s grand-daughter, Monika Heinreid, who remembers him before his death in 1952 as ‘a great teacher, philosopher and raconteur’.

Spring 2021 will herald the start of the publication of the project’s multi-disciplinary research results in the first of four issues of the Jordaens Van Dyck Journal. The journal will be published online and freely accessible. It will also be available in hard copy as print-on-demand. It will be edited by Dr Emily Burns who we warmly welcome to the JVDPPP team.

Dr Emily Burns

Our research and dendrochronology will continue. As soon as lockdowns lift and circumstances permit we will be back on the road to examine those panel paintings we can in the time remaining to 2022. We will then be publishing two catalogues of the Van Dyck and Jordaens related paintings JVDPPP has examined over the course of the project.

Joost Vander Auwera & Justin Davies

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