31 January 2020

JVDPPP publishes third out-of-print text: ‘The Early Work of Van Dyck’ (1924)

Almost 100 years later Gustav Glück’s ‘The Early Work of Van Dyck’ remains an important contribution to the art historical literature on Van Dyck. It was published in Vienna in 1924 where Glück (1871 – 1942) was the Director of the Kunsthistorisches Museum from 1916 to 1931.

This difficult to find pamphlet is now published online for the first time. Its online publication has allowed us to add images of the 35 paintings cited by Glück, as opposed to the mere three that were included in the original publication. Only two of the attributions since the publication of the 1924 article have changed and these changes are highlighted in the present text.

To make Jordaens and Van Dyck research as accessible as possible, JVDPPP is publishing English translations of important out of copyright articles and texts, or in-copyright articles with the author’s permission, for the first time. ‘The Early Work of Van Dyck’ is the third text that has been updated and re-published by the JVDPPP after ‘The Antwerp panel-makers and their marks‘ by Jan Van Damme (1990) and ‘History of the Antwerp School of Painting‘ by F. Jos Van den Branden (1883).

Click here to see the updated ‘The Early Work of Van Dyck’.

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