The Adoration of the Shepherds

Related Artist: Jacques Jordaens (1593 - 1678)

Museo Civico (di Palazzo Chiericato), Vicenza, Italy

© Museo Civico Vicenza The Adoration of the Shepherds

Object details


The Adoration of the Shepherds

Technique and support

oil on panel


65.5 x 50 cm


Related artist

Jacques Jordaens (1593 - 1678)

Most recent published attribution

Jordaens [Edvardsson et al. 2021]

Collection and provenance


Museo Civico (di Palazzo Chiericato), Vicenza, Italy

Inv. no.



Registered in the museum from 1902.



Museo Civico di Vicenza 1902, no. 291;
Museo Civico di Vicenza 1912, no. 291;
Ongaro 1912, p. 100, as style of Erasmus II Quellinus;
Arslan 1934, as style of Erasmus Quellinus and probably a copy of Jordaens;
Museo Civico di Vicenza 1940, no. 291;
Fasolo 1940, p. 171 as Jordaens;
d’Hulst 1982, p. 331, n. 49, as Jordaens;
Edvardssson et al. 2021, as Jordaens.

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Panel reverse

Cradled or uncradled


Guild marks

Antwerp castle and two hands – separate branding irons

Panel maker's mark

White label (glued over another label partly torn away) printed in black: MUSEO CIVICO and with blue ink stamp DIREZIONE MUSEO CIVICO VICENZA and handwritten in ink: Catal 291 /Erasmo Quellinus/ Adorazione dei Pastori


Genus of wood


Number of planks


Plank no. 1

Tree rings: 164 (+15 counted rings)
Dated: AD 1342 – 1505 (+15)
Felled: After AD 1530 (terminus post quem)
Origin: Poland/ Baltic states

Plank no. 2

Tree rings: 252
Dated: AD 1351 – 1602
Felled: After AD 1611 (terminus post quem)
Origin: Poland/ Baltic states

Date of investigation

02 March 2017

Dendro report no.



Dr. MBA Joost Vander Auwera

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