Sketch of Endymion Porter

Related Artist: William Dobson (1611-1646)

Private Collection, United Kingdom


The panel bears an old attribution to Van Dyck on the reverse: “Anthonie van Dijck/Portretstuk./Beschreven door Dr. W.R. Valentiner./Collection of Jerome Bonaparte, King of Westphalia/Collection of the Duke of Cumberland.”

The sketch is oil on paper not oil on panel.

Dendrochronology reveals that the panel on which the paper was affixed was made from a tree that was felled after 1672.

Recent Literature & Notes

Karen Hearn, catalogue entry, ‘William Dobson (1611 -1646), Portrait of Endymion Porter, c. 1642-5′,, accessed 20 March 2020, as a later sketch after the Tate Gallery painting, inv. no.1249, oil on canvas, 149.9 x 127.0 cm.

R.H. Marijnissen, ‘A Portrait of Endymion Porter. A Dobson-van Dyck Problem’, Academiae Analecta, vol. 56, Brussels 1996, pp. 65–7, leaving open the question of authorship.



41.9 x 32.6 cm

Examined in

June 2019

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