Satyr Playing a Flute

Related Artist: Jacques Jordaens (1593 - 1678)

The Royal Łazienki Museum, Warsaw, Poland

Object details


Satyr Playing a Flute

Technique and support

oil on panel


64.2 x 49.2 cm


Related artist

Jacques Jordaens (1593 - 1678)

Most recent published attribution

Jordaens [Juszczak and Małachowicz 2016]

Collection and provenance


The Royal Łazienki Museum, Warsaw, Poland

Inv. no.



August Sułkowski collection, Rydzina, inv. no.138;
Stanislas August collection, no.683, before 1756 (?);
recorded in the Grand cabinet du pont, west pavilion of the Łazienki Palace, 1795;
property of Prince Józef Poniatowski, 1798;
property of Maria Teresa Tyszkiewicz, 1813;
sold to Tsar Alexander I, together with the Łazienki estate, October 1817;
recorded in the Cabinet near the Salle de Salomon on the ground floor of the Łazienki Palace, 1851;
taken to Russia, October 1914;
restituted to Poland under the Treaty of Riga and allocated to the Polish State Collections, Official Residences, 1921;
on display in the Cabinet near the Salle de Salomon in the Łazienki Palace 1922-39;
evacuated to the National Museum in Warsaw, September 1939;
removed by German occupying forces;
Kraków, Jagiellonian Library, 1941;
collecting point at Fishhorn Castle, Austria;
restituted from Salzburg and allocated to the National Museum in Warsaw,, M.Ob.2423 MNW, 1946;
property of the Royal Łazienki Museum, 2011.



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Mankowski 1932, no. 683, as school of Rubens;
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thereafter in the literature as Jordaens;
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Panel reverse

Cradled or uncradled



1. Label with the number ‘0873’ of the Polish State Collections;
2. Label with post-World War II restitution number ‘Rew. 4448’


1. White number ‘AS 138’ of the August Sulkowski collection in Rydzyna
2. Black numbers ‘N: 94’ and ‘N: 436’ of an unidentified collection (second number crossed out
3. Red number ‘I. L N° 445’ of the 1839 inventory of the Russian Imperial Palaces: Lazienki


Genus of wood


Number of planks


Plank no. 1

Tree rings: 138
Dated: AD 1460 – 1597
Felled: After AD 1606 (terminus post quem)
Origin: Poland/Baltic states

Plank no. 2

Tree rings: 158
Dated: AD 1452 – 1609
Felled: After AD 1618 (terminus post quem)
Origin: Poland/Baltic states

Date of investigation

04 May 2017

Dendro report no.



Dr. MBA Joost Vander Auwera

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