Portrait of a Young Married Couple

Related Artist: Jacques Jordaens (1593 - 1678)

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, United States of America

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Object details


Portrait of a Young Married Couple

Technique and support

oil on panel


124.5 x 92.7 cm


Related artist

Jacques Jordaens (1593 - 1678)

Most recent published attribution

Jordaens [Boston Museum 1999]

Collection and provenance


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, United States of America

Inv. no.



Possibly John Robert Townshend, 1st Earl Sydney (1805-1890), Kent, England, by whom lent to the Royal Academy, London, 1880;
with Messrs. Laurie and Co., London, 1907;
sold by Lawrie, through Blakeslee Galleries, New York, to Robert Dawson Evans (d.1909), Boston, 1909;
by inheritance to Mrs. Robert Dawson Evans (Marie Antoinette Hunt) (1845-1917), Boston, 1917;
bequest by Mrs. Robert Dawson Evans to the museum, 1917, as Rubens.



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Panel reverse

Cradled or uncradled



Small paper label with difficult to read text and numbers


Genus of wood


Number of planks


Plank no. 1

Tree rings: 131
Dated: AD 1461 – 1591
Felled: After AD 1601 (terminus post quem)
Origin: Poland/Baltic states

Plank no. 2

Tree rings: 159
Dated: AD 1436 – 1594
Felled: After AD 1604 (terminus post quem)
Origin: Poland/Baltic states

Plank no. 3

Tree rings: 193
Dated: AD 1409 – 1601
Felled: After AD 1611 (terminus post quem)
Origin: Poland/Baltic states

Plank no. 4

Tree rings: 112
Dated: AD 1485 – 1596
Felled: After AD 1606 (terminus post quem)
Origin: Poland/Baltic states

Planks of the same tree

1. and 3. this painting

Date of investigation

30 April 2019

Dendro report no.



Dr. MBA Joost Vander Auwera

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