Charles I, Henrietta Maria and their Two Eldest Children

Related Artist: Remigius van Leemput (1607-1675)

Woburn Abbey Collection

Object details


Charles I, Henrietta Maria and their Two Eldest Children

Technique and support

Oil on panel


59.8 x 49.4 cm


Related artist

Remigius van Leemput (1607-1675)

Most recent published attribution

Leemput [Millar in Barnes et al. 2004]

Collection and provenance


Woburn Abbey Collection


Mary Edwards (1705–1743), her sale, Cock’s, London, May 28th–29th 1743 (30), ‘King Charles and his Family (in 2 Pictures) by old Remy’, bought by the Duke of Bedford;
by descent at Woburn Abbey.



G. Scharf, Third Portion of a Catalogue of the Pictures, Miniatures and Enamels at the Residence of His Grace the Duke of Bedford, 81 Eaton Square, London, London 1878, pp.58–9, no.60 (as by Russell);
Oliver Millar in S. Barnes, N. De Poorter, H. Vey, O. Millar: Van Dyck. A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings, New Haven and London 2004, p.460, under no.IV.45, as probably by Remigius van Leemput, erroneously described as being on copper.

Panel reverse

Cradled or uncradled


Guild marks


Panel maker's mark


Wax seals



4 paper labels:

  1. Restorer’s label
  2. Typed collection label: “OLD REMY AFTER VAN DYCK: KING CHARLES AND HIS FAMILY/ Bought by John fourth Duke of Bedford,/ from the sale of Mrs Edwards’ collection,/ 1746. Price £37. 16. 0./ (MS Volume of Sales, Victoria & Albert/ Museum.)
  3. Typed collection label: Her Grace the Duchess of Bedford./ Bought at Mrs Edwards’ Sale of Pictures./ Lot 30. King Charles and his Family in 2 pictures by old Remy £37. 16. 0.
  4. Vestigial trace of old square paper label


Black painted inscription obscured by superimposed paper labels: K[…] RIETTA AND THEIR CHILDREN/ […]ED 1649/ AFTER SIR ANTHONY VAN DYCK

Indistinct pencil inscriptions including numeral 3; indistinct chalk inscriptions including numeral 2


Genus of wood


Number of planks


Plank no. 1

Tree rings: 278
Dated: AD 1396 – 1629
Felled: AD 1661±10 (based on UK026/2019)
Origin: south-western Germany

Planks of the same tree

attributed to Remigius van Leemput:
Diana Russell, Countess of Newport (1624–95) (UK016/2019),
Anne Villiers, Countess of Morton (d. 1684) (UK018/2019),
Elizabeth Wriothesley, Countess of Northumberland (1646–90) (UK022/2019),
Henrietta Boyle, Countess of Rochester (1646–87?) (UK023/2019),
Barbara Villiers, Countess of Suffolk (1622–81) (UK025/2019),
Penelope Naunton, Countess of Pembroke (1620–47?) (UK026/2019)

Date of investigation

21 September 2021

Dendro report no.



James Innes-Mulraine

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