Cavalier on a Horse Executing a Levade

Related Artist: Jacques Jordaens (1593 - 1678)

Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA, United States of America

Object details


Cavalier on a Horse Executing a Levade

Technique and support

oil on panel


73.6 x 60 cm (reduced on both sides)


Related artist

Jacques Jordaens (1593 - 1678)

Most recent published attribution

Jordaens [always]

Collection and provenance


Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA, United States of America

Inv. no.



Nicholas II, Czar of Russia, Pavlovsk Palace near Saint Petersburg;
Soviet Government, Leningrad;
sale, Leningrad Museums and Palaces, Lepke, Berlin, 6 November 1928 (378);
acquired there by Dr. C.J.K. van Aalst, Hoevelaken, The Netherlands, 1928;
sale, Trustees of the Cook Collection, Christie’s, London, 25 November 1966 (88);
with David M. Koetser Gallery, Zürich, 1966;
purchased from David M. Koetser Gallery, Zürich, 1969 by the museum.



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Panel reverse

Cradled or uncradled

Inset into a modern wooden backing


Exhibition label

Date of investigation

04 May 2019

Dendro report no.




The painting has been given a full modern wooden backing, and was encapsulated on all four sides with a frame, making the original reverse inaccessible and dendrochronology on the borders impossible.


Dr. MBA Joost Vander Auwera

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