21 March 2018

New JVDPPP Website Publishes new Paintings, Archival Research and Resources

Coinciding with the publication of the catalogue of the Vienna exhibition on the JVDPPP website, the JVDPPP launched its new open access website www.jordaensvandyck.org. Archival research on the key moments of the lives of both painters related to the panel paintings they made is being continually added to the website. As are the most comprehensive collection of contemporary documents on the Antwerp panel makers’ and Guild brand marks found by the project on the reverse of the panels. Many of these valuable seventeenth-century documents are transcribed and translated into English and published for the first time.

To further the global research on Jordaens, Van Dyck and Flemish panel makers the website is also publishing translations of important out of copyright articles on Van Dyck and Jordaens originally published in German, French and Dutch, as well as in-copyright articles with the author’s permission, and  JVDPPP’s own research.

The JVDPPP has examined over 150 panels related to either Anthony Van Dyck or Jacques Jordaens in public and private collections worldwide so far, from Puerto Rico to Budapest. These can be consulted on the website. Some are published for the first time. With over 250 panels to go, new paintings will be added on a regular basis.

This new website represents a unique resource, which will continue to grow as the project proceeds.

Locations of panels currently visited by the JVDPPP

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